PRACTICE AREA: Trial Preparation

The criminal defense lawyers at Kearney | Wynn, use mock trials to test their own case for the defendant as well as the prosecution's case against the defendant.

By putting on the prosecution's best case in a mock trial, the criminal defense lawyers can plan their own strategy and presentation with better accuracy and far better results.

  • The Jury:Using trial consultants, the firm gets the demographics of the jury pool, creates a profile of the expected jury, and finds representative people to play mock jurors in a mock trial. At many junctures in the mock trials, jurors fill out questionnaires.
  • The Exhibits: What kinds of exhibits work? What information does the jury want in the exhibits? By using various exhibits and testing jury reactions, the lawyers can prepare effective exhibits.
  • The Witnesses: By putting witnesses (or stand-ins for witnesses) on the stand in a mock trial, the attorneys can determine how jurors react to the witnesses.
  • The Defendant: Should the client testify? By putting the defendant on the stand in a mock trial, the attorneys can determine how the jurors react and how the defendant reacts to cross examination.

The Deliberations: After an abbreviated mock trial, the mock jury is given instructions, and then the lawyers and their consultants watch as the jury deliberates in order to know how different types of jurors react to evidence, witnesses, and strategies.

By using mock trials, the criminal defense attorneys at Kearney | Wynn can find the strengths and weaknesses in their own case and - just as important - the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Through the mock trial process, the lawyers can test witnesses, evidence, and theories of the case.

The Fort Worth-based Kearney | Wynn Firm defends clients against criminal charges in all Texas and Federal courts. Criminal defense attorneys Jeff Kearney and Reagan Wynn are board-certified in criminal law.