PRACTICE AREA: Direct Appeals • Post-Conviction Writs • Habeas Corpus

In addition to representing citizens accused in criminal investigations and trials, Kearney | Wynn also provides highly skilled representation on direct appeal for persons convicted in both state and federal trial courts throughout the United States as well as representation in post-conviction Writ of Habeas Corpus actions in state and federal court for clients whose direct appeals have been exhausted.

Reagan Wynn formerly served as Briefing Attorney to the Court of Appeals for the Second District of Texas in Fort Worth. In addition to being a criminal trial lawyer, he now devotes a significant portion of his practice to representing clients in direct appeals and post-conviction Habeas Corpus proceedings. Reagan has represented numerous clients in appellate and post-conviction cases in the intermediate courts of appeals of Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Reagan also lectures throughout the State of Texas on appellate issues and serves as the Co-Chair of the Amicus CuriaeCommittee for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association.

Being active trial lawyers who can rely on Jeff Kearney's more than 40 years of experience enable the criminal defense lawyers of Kearney | Wynn to review appellate records with a solid understanding of how things were supposed to have been done in the trial court and specifically how a trial court's errors would have effected the outcome of the trial. This coupled with the attorneys' ability to conduct exhaustive legal research to find persuasive legal authorities allows Kearney | Wynn to provide appellate and post-conviction representation of the highest quality in criminal matters.

Likewise, the attorneys' extensive appellate experience enables the attorneys of the Kearney | Wynn Firm to better understand the technical legal issues presented in trial and to conduct their trials so as to use the law to their clients' advantage as much as possible. Further, the attorneys' intimate grasp of appellate issues allows them to comply with the highly-technical legal requirements for preservation of legal complaints during trial for later appellate review.