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Kearney | Wynn is a boutique firm that represents individuals and corporations in state and federal criminal trials and appeals. The criminal attorneys in our firm have represented citizens accused in nearly every type of criminal case - from DWI to drug possession and distribution, from misdemeanor assault to capital murder, from minor theft to complicated white-collar fraud.

When you hire our firm you get more than the criminal attorneys and staff that you will meet at our office: we have at our disposal the services of the best investigators, jury consultants, and expert consultants available. We believe that it is imperative to associate ourselves with the best possible support personnel to insure that we are armed with the information and resources necessary to represent our clients as well as we possibly can.

Criminal Law Lawyer

We believe that the key to success in any criminal matter is to thoroughly investigate the facts, research the applicable law, and prepare for any necessary court proceedings. Because of our belief in the need for exhaustive preparation, we do not represent the same volume of clients as other firms in our field. Our comparatively small caseload shows our commitment to quality representation rather than quantity representation. While there are no guarantees in any legal case, we can guarantee that we will give each case the individualized attention to detail necessary to achieve the best possible result under the circumstances.

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