PRACTICE AREA: High-Profile Cases

In high profile cases, law enforcement often holds press conferences about an investigation, an indictment, or an arrest. The government prosecutors have their press conferences about the charges. And then there is the infamous and unnecessary "perp walk" designed to make the defendant look inept and guilty.

Kearney | Wynn answers such prosecution tactics with extensive experience and carefully considered media relations.

In high-profile cases, there will always be a high level of public interest. The criminal defense team needs to make sure their client is not tried and convicted by public opinion before the case enters the courtroom. Kearney | Wynn's criminal defense attorneys work with media consultants to determine what needs to be said and when.

Responding to Prosecutors

The Kearney-assembled team works quickly to respond to the remarks by prosecutors and law enforcement before the judge issues a gag order leaving no opportunity for the criminal defense lawyers to respond. Words and messages need to be carefully framed so that they place the client in the best possible light without committing to a position that is later regretted.

The criminal defense team works with the client, advising the client on how to respond to reporters' questions and how to act if faced with a "perp walk" or other public appearances. Public relations are an integral part of a high-profile case. Effective media relations get the defense's message to the media in order to level the playing field.

Criminal defense lawyer Jeff Kearney has effectively carried his client's position directly to the public in local, state and national media outlets.

The Fort Worth-based Kearney | Wynn Firm defends clients against criminal charges in all Texas and Federal courts. Jeff Kearney has been board certified in criminal law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1981. Wm Reagan Wynn has been board certified in criminal law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2002.