PRACTICE AREA: Pre-Trial Preparation

Criminal defense lawyers Jeff Kearney and Reagan Wynn try some of the toughest cases in Texas with exceptional results. Those good results begin with in-depth, accurate, thorough pre-trial investigations.

Kearney | Wynn has access to a network of top investigators - all former federal and state investigators. The pre-trial preparation lawyers call on the investigators most experienced in the area of the alleged crime.

  • In federal cases, criminal defense attorneys at Kearney | Wynn call on former IRS criminal division agents, former FBI agents, former U.S. marshals, ATF agents and DEA agents.
  • In state cases, the pre-trial preparation lawyers seek the investigative experience of former state and local law enforcement officers, former narcotics task force officers, former homicide officers, former members of major case squads.
  • In both state and federal cases, depending on the nature and circumstances of the case, the criminal defense attorneys consult with forensic accountants, certified fraud investigators, crime scene forensics experts, and others in a network of highly qualified resources.

The Kearney | Wynn Firm begins talking to witnesses during the investigation phase to assure getting recent memories. Often charges are not filed for a year or two (and in a recent case four years). The firm's criminal defense attorneys seek the clearest, earliest memories of witnesses.

In every case for every client, Kearney | Wynn

investigates thoroughly in order to present
the best case possible.

The Fort Worth-based Kearney | Wynn Firm defends clients against criminal charges in all Texas and Federal courts. Jeff Kearney has been board certified in criminal law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, since 1981. Wm Reagan Wynn has been board certified in criminal law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, since 2002.